Wedding Promotions

Your wedding day is one of the most specials days in your life and at Thailand Wedding Company we sincerely believe that it should be made special to your specific preferences and the dream you have in mind. And the way we do this is through our personalized and professional services.

Special Promotion Package

Krabi Garden Wedding Ceremony

Krabi Garden Wedding Package : 1,500 USD Only

Our unique specialty gardens and sweeping natural vistas create the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Gardens can accommodate 2-100 guests, and you are limited only by your imagination when planning your event!

Your event springs to life amid a backdrop of pure beauty and serenity. This renowned cultural destination is the perfect venue for your wedding, reception, and rehearsal dinner.

Venue : Specialty Garden

Destination : Krabi : Thailand

Krabi Garden Wedding Package Detail

Along with Thai Style Wedding Ceremony, Non Religious Ceremonies are without doubt the most popular format for the many couples visiting Thailand to get married each year.

Diamond Cave Promotion Package

套装介绍:钟乳石洞 西式浪漫婚禮促銷套裝(非宗教性). 想像和爱人在钟乳石和石笋下齐步走向圣坛,在壮丽的自然景观与亲朋好友的见证下结为连理。有小桂林美誉的泰国甲米-莱利海滩钟乳石洞,是你与所爱之人共聚


# 钟乳石洞浪漫婚禮 @泰國甲米萊利海灘

会员评分: 5 / 5

Horse Riding Ceremony

价格:1,850 USD



# 超值套装 : 普吉岛(Phuket) 骑马个性婚礼

会员评分: 5 / 5

Temple Buddhist Blessing



# 喀比(Krabi)寺庙 佛教祝福婚礼

会员评分: 5 / 5