Elephant Beach Wedding

Overview Description :  Elephant Beach Wedding Package at Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Lanta, Koh Phangan, Hua Hin, Pattaya

The Wedding On Elephants Back is one of our popular wedding styles for a real romantic mood and worth to recall. On the bride and groom's wedding day, starts when organizer staffs (costumers, make up stylists and photographer) meet the bride and groom to dress up and lead them accompany with their followers to wedding place on the beach that was decorated marvelously.

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Bride and groom sit on elephants' back to the marquee. Wedding with elephants rituals are starting to perform by bride and groom are in front of the witnesses and elephants. Bride and groom stand in front of the elephants and all witnesses stand both sides of the elephants.

Master of ceremony makes his greeting to every honorable witnesses with a beautiful and good meaning poetry (rhyme, or lyric) and get through the following rituals.

Bride and groom together pour sand into a glass that means they have decided to use their life together. Bride and groom declared their love and promise to spend their life with love, honest and merge together forever.

*** Optional for the couple want to do candle lighting ceremony - Bride and groom sit on the carpets in front of their seat and together make a heap of sand, lit candle(s) and put at the top and shower some flowers on. These show that two people have decided to be together and make their lives grow brightly and beautiful success. After completed this step, they come back to their seats.

Groom and bride exchange their wedding rings as the sign that they are already married.

M.C. or a representative gives blessing for wedding couple. As the just wedding couple are kissing the followers shower them with flowers. New wedding couple, witnesses and M.C. sign their names on the certificates.

After that the wedding couple ride on the elephants' back to the next step, popped out marriage celebration champagne, plant a memorized tree and wave wedding flags.

Wedding couple and their followers soar sky lantern and take photographs. End of the ceremony, everybody go back to the hotel happily and safely.

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Elephant Beach Wedding Package : Thailand

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Promotion : Elephant Beach Wedding Ceremony Package Include;

  • Briefing with Wedding Master about all ceremony steps.
  • Hair Dressing and Making Up.
  • Fresh Flower Buttonhole for Groom.
  • Fresh Flower Bouquet for Bride.
  • 2 fresh flower garlands for the couple.
  • Photographer with unlimited shooting + all photos in USB or Cloud Storage.
  • Round trip transfer from/to your hotel.
  • Scented cold towel and drinking water.
  • Venue floral decorations, flower arch and elephant back.
  • Master of Ceremony (Celebrant).
  • Music Background playing during ceremony.
  • 1 Elephant Escorted Ceremony with floral decorations.
  • Candle Lighting or Sand Unity Ceremony.
  • Arrangement of wedding vow and ring exchange ceremony.
  • Marriage Certificate from our company (Non official).
  • Flower petals shower after the ceremony.
  • 1 Bottle of Celebratory Champagne.
  • Raising the Just Married Flag.
  • Guest Blessing Book.
  • Online Webpage Photo Gallery.
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