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The coral rimmed beaches of Koh Lanta offer a wide range of backdrops to relax and contemplate. From rugged hills covered with huge umbrella and banyan trees to gentle mangrove lined bays. Long beaches sweep down the west coast.

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Explore the monastic caverns of Tham Khao Mai Kaew and travel through traditional Moslem rural life in the plantations of rubber and cashew nut. Dive the pristine nearby islands of crescent shaped bays, white sand beaches and cliffs. Excellent fishing can be found around Koh Lanta and it is a short hop to the Phi Phi Islands.

If you are planning to get married or renew and you are worried about the cost of a large event to which all your relatives must be invited, or if you are already married and wish to crown your honeymoon with a very special memory, let's us arrange you full details of a wedding so special that you can telling your grandchildren about it on the day of your Koh Lanta Wedding Packages

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Lanta Island Beach Wedding
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The perfect setting to realize the dream of your own island, beach, garden, sunrise, sunshine, sunset wedding and tropical honeymoon with Thailand’s leading specialists in romantic beach weddings.

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Koh Lanta : Krabi, Thailand

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Here are what you could do in : Koh Lanta Destination Weddings :

Thai Wedding Packages : Thai Wedding Ceremony is the beautiful and meaningful ceremony according to Thai people culture open all religious all visitor from world wide to touch the good feeling and impressing with our Thai culture.

Western Non Religious Style : Not only your mother home town can possible doing Western Wedding Ceremony but Thailand can also make your dream wedding come true by the beautiful venue set up with lots of flower on it as well.

Islamic Wedding Package : Muslim weddings in Thailand can be a simple performing of religious rights, followed by a non-religious ceremony on the beach, near the waterfall or place of choice.

Pre Wedding Packages : Many places provided such an amazing view and location. Stunning service with the professional photographer to make you Pre Wedding Photo Shoot day come really impressive in overall photos.

Buddhist Blessing Ceremony : Temple in Koh Lanta will be your Blessing Ceremony located for your blessing day to touch the target of good luck good love and good life after participate in this Blessing Ceremony by Monk.

Thai Wedding Group like to present all those mention by our professional create and make your dream come true in the kingdom of Thailand or Siam. The land of smile come and find us for more in detail contact our wedding services.

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Browse our Koh Lanta Wedding Packages Showcase - Married Couple at Koh Lanta : Krabi, Thailand.

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Really amazing job with the wedding! More than I ever...
1 years ago.
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Really amazing job with the wedding! More than I ever expected! We got the monk blessing, video and photos, received dinner on the beach and dancers. The whole thing last from like 2:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 at night. The beach wasn't quiet like I'd expected, it was actually a part of a very nice resort so, as my husband said, we WERE the entertainment lol. But everyone did such an over the top great and professional job that we forgot soon after. One tip, you won't be given a way to contact anyone who was a part of your ceremony except Noi, who you plan the wedding with, and Nash, who runs the entire ceremony. ** make sure you bring a fair amount of tip money for the amazing people who are a part of your ceremony. You won't be given a way to contact them later. Trust that the video and photos will be incredible, as they will be. There is your hair and makeup lady, servers, the monks, lights, so much more than you'd expect and every person is treats you like kings and queens with beautiful results.
Other thing is sometimes your requested details don't seem to be seen, like hair, details of gazebo, etc. So just make sure you're on the same page (hair makeup lady is FANTASTIC , she just needs to know in person what you'd like. Bring a picture, she won't have the one from the site).

All in ask, I'd recommend them to anyone. Super happy!
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